Media: world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alexandra Soldatova tried to commit suicide


Media: world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alexandra Soldatova tried to commit suicide

Alexandra Soldatova

21-year-old Alexandra Soldatova, four-time world champion and multiple European champion in rhythmic gymnastics, tried to commit suicide in Moscow. February 4, it became known that she did not join the national team at the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix. President of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova in an interview with the Russian Olympic Committee said that the athlete had health problems. According to her, they are associated with growing up.

Alexandra Soldatova

The next day, Soldatov was hospitalized in a metropolitan hospital with deep cuts on his left arm. It is reported that she is in serious condition.

Soldatova with bodily injuries in connection with a suicide attempt. The girl is also diagnosed with bulimia. At the moment, the patient is not subject to a survey and the circumstances of the injury does not report – said the interlocutor of the city news agency "Moscow".

Alexandra Soldatova

For the first time, signs of bulimia appeared in Alexandra in the fall of 2019. Then she lost consciousness during the final stage of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Challenge Cup in Portugal. Because of this situation, she did not get into the Russian team before the last World Cup. By the way, gymnasts are often diagnosed with an eating disorder. This can be explained including strict rulesrelated to weight and shape parameters.

The trainer of the gymnast Alexandra Soldatova, Anna Dyachenko, commented on the information about the hospitalization of the athlete after an attempted suicide.

I do not know about this fact. Yesterday morning, Sasha called from the hospital, said she was taking tests and so I did not worry. What I hear now is just as shocking for me as it is for everyone, – she said.

The girl herself called the information that appeared in the media, "complete horror and untruth." She assured that in fact, "everything is fine with her."

I cooked breakfast and cut myself. Before training, I decided to drop into the hospital and treat the wound professionally so as not to self-medicate,

– quoted athlete TASS.

Soldatova clarified that she drove into the hospital, warned about the incident of the coach, and that was all over.

The gymnast explained that she was ready for training, having promised that she would perform in a gala concert at the Grand Prix stage, which starts in Moscow tomorrow.

The first news was shared by a blogger Akulina.


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