Miriam Yeung gets a quiet 46th birthday


6 Feb – Miriam Yeung recently had a quiet birthday celebration, seeing that it is unsafe for her to have a big party during these times.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who turned 46 on 3 February, recently posted a photo of a cake and a bowl of noodles that she had on her birthday, writing, “At this moment, 46 years passed quickly. But I am grateful for everything.”

“There is nothing special for this year’s celebration. I only had a bowl of high-calorie hot ramen that I usually wouldn’t dare eat, and a cup of hot tea. [My husband] Real and I ate together,” she added.

Miriam stated that her birthday wish this year is for the world to be peaceful, that everybody is safe, and that the fight against the epidemic will continue.

“I am certain that everything will get better. Let’s cheer for us together,” she added.

(Photo Source: Miriam Weibo)


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