Syurtuk, tie, trousers: how stars boycotted dresses for Oscars


Surtuk, tie, trousers: how stars boycotted dresses for awards

Angelina Jolie / Ellen Page

We are expecting major social events in many ways in order to discuss celebrity outfits and, perhaps, take a couple of fashionable lessons. Lately, lush evening dresses remain in the closet, and women increasingly prefer trouser suits, overalls and jackets – at first glance, those things that are associated more with the formal business than with the evening dress code, but in fact these dresses are stellar fashionistas have long been walking on the red carpet.

In anticipation of the next Oscars, we suggest recalling which celebrities have already boycotted dresses at this event.

Last year, many articles in glossy magazines about the ceremony "Oscar" were devoted not so much to the most spectacular dresses that the guests chose, but to trouser suits for which the stars changed these dresses. The boycott was indeed massive: Aquafina, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Poehler and Elsie Fisher came in trousers. And although today really more and more actresses prefer to go out in tuxedos or dress coats, the phenomenon itself is not new.

AquafinaAquafinaAmy Poehler Amy Poehler Elsie FisherElsie FisherMelissa mccarthyMelissa mccarthy

Perhaps one of the main trendsetters for this part at the Oscars can be called Diane Keaton. She more often than other stars appeared at the ceremony in pantsuits, and indeed returned them to women's fashion after Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn actively fought for the right of women to wear trousers, largely thanks to her heroine Annie Hall, who she played in the eponymous Woody Allen movie.

Diane Keaton in 1978Diane Keaton in 1978

Her heroine’s androgynous style became a cult, therefore, in 1978, when she received an Oscar for this role, she, of course, emphasized her own style, choosing an outfit at the junction of male and female fashion. An oversized jacket, a scarf, trousers under a skirt – an outfit from Ruth Morley, who was also a costume designer in the picture "Annie Hall", completely personified that heroine, for whose role Keaton received the figurine.

Diane Keaton in 1997Diane Keaton in 1997

Subsequently, the actress several times appeared on the red carpet in trouser suits, and in 2004 the image again became a reference to a recognizable screen character – this time the Tramp performed by Charlie Chaplin.

Diane Keaton in 2004Diane Keaton in 2004

Well, not only Keaton chose the elegant white trouser suit for the Oscars. In 2001, on the track in this image appeared Angelina Joliewho chose the outfit from Dolce & Gabbana. It turned out a real total look – the actress supplemented the image with snow-white ankle boots.

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie

Two years earlier, in 1999, Celine Dion appeared in a white suit from John Galliano at a film ceremony. Just to come in a suit for the singer seemed insufficient – she gave a sparkle to her image due to the fact that she put on a jacket backwards. Focus failed! This image of Celine traditionally falls into the collections of the most memorable outfits in the history of the Oscars.

Celine DionCeline DionCeline Dion

Always appears there and Barbra Streisand, who in 1969 really shocked the audience with her outfit from Arnold Scaasi, which was very frank for those years. A translucent suit of flared trousers and a blouse was in the spotlight all evening, especially when the actress went up on stage for her Oscar.

Barbra streisand Barbra streisand Barbra streisand

Preferred trousers to dresses not only held actresses, but also very young performers. So, in 1974, Tatum O'Neill, who at that time was only 10 years old, came to the ceremony in a strict tux, which Nolan Miller created for her, and not in a dress with ruffles, as you might expect from a girl of her age. Tatum, by the way, became the youngest actress to be awarded an Oscar.

She received it in the nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her play in the film Paper Moon by Peter Bogdanovich.

Tatum O'NeillTatum O'NeillTatum O'Neill

Ellen Page, another actress who became famous in childhood, came in 2014 at the afterparty ceremony – a traditional party from Vanity Fair – in a suit with a tie. It’s a good option if you need to go to the office the next morning after the party!

Ellen PageEllen Page

But not everyone perceives the phrase “pantsuit” so formally. For example, the director Agnes Varda in 2018 came to the track in a motley suit in pajama style from Gucci.

Agnes VardaAgnes Varda

Well, actresses Sissy Spacek and Jodie Foster, who received an Oscar for leading roles in 1981 and 1992, respectively, added elegance to their looks through sequins and brilliance. Sissy came in jumpsuit embroidered with gold threads, and Jody chose a radiant jumpsuit from Giorgio Armani and complemented it with an elongated pastel-colored jacket.

Sissy SpacekSissy SpacekSissy Spacek

Michael Douglas and Jodie FosterMichael Douglas and Jodie FosterAnthony Hopkins and Jodie FosterAnthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster

And what would you rather wear to a festive event: a dress or a trouser suit?

Diana Ross in 1973Diana Ross in 1973


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