Vladimir Zelensky gently congratulated his wife Elena on her birthday: "My happiness is you"


Vladimir Zelensky gently congratulated his wife Elena on her birthday:

Elena and Vladimir Zelensky

Today first lady of Ukraine celebrates his birthday – Elena Zelenskaya turned 42 years old. In honor of this, Elena's husband, 42-year-old Vladimir Zelensky wrote her a touching congratulation on Instagram, which he accompanied with a joint picture.

Be in love. Get involved. To be proud. To see your reflection in the eyes of children. Feel your care and support. Be calm and confident, knowing that you are always there. To guess how you will react to the news – pleasant or not. Wait for a meeting at home, as if before the first date. Speak with a glance for what words are not needed. Laugh and be sad together. To walk through life at a touch distance, without losing touch for a moment. This is human happiness. At least for me. Because my happiness is you. Happy day, darling! Thank you for every word and every look. For every step we took together. We still have a lot to go through. Ahead is a long road with unexpected turns and an unforgettable experience. And I'm happy with that. Because with you I can do anything in the world

– Zelensky admitted in love for his wife.

Many followers joined in the congratulations (among them was Regina Todorenko) – they noted that the President of Ukraine congratulated his wife very beautifully:

Happy Birthday! Love will save the world!

– wrote Todorenko.

A beautiful couple,Happy birthday, the first lady of the country!Congratulations to Elena! Patience with her, strength, wisdom. Let everything be fine,This is what true love looks like!

– Internet users have joined.

Elena and Vladimir ZelenskyElena and Vladimir Zelensky

By the way, a little more than a week ago, Vladimir himself celebrated his 42nd birthday. Elena also dedicated a gentle post on instagram to him, in which she called her husband a real man and thanked him for "feeling lightheaded and" butterflies "inside."

Vladimir and Elena Zelensky met at school, but romantic feelings for each other they broke out after graduation. The couple lived in a civil marriage for eight years, and in 2003 they married. A year later, their daughter Alexandra was born, and in 2013, Vladimir and Elena again became parents – their son Cyril was born.

Elena and Vladimir ZelenskyElena and Vladimir ZelenskyElena Zelenskaya with her daughter SashaElena Zelenskaya with her daughter Sasha


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