A 12-day cruise and gold vape pen


While not all Oscars nominees will go home with a much-coveted award at this year’s ceremony, which takes place this Sunday 9 February, they will have an apt consolation prize in the form of a luxury goody bag, the value of which comes at a staggering six-figure sum: $225,000, or £174,000 in total.

The gifts come courtesy of Distinctive Assets, a celebrity and product-placement marketing company, and are an annual award-season tradition.

They are typically awarded to the 25 award nominees – but this year only 24 bags will be handed out, thanks to actor Scarlett Johansson being nominated for two awards (the leading and supporting actress categories, for her roles in ‘Marriage Story’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit’ respectively).

So what’s inside the exclusive goody bag?

Oscars goody bag contents

Physical gifts

This year’s goody bag contains a number of physical gifts include Hfactor “hydrogen-infused” water ($29.99, or £23.20 a pouch), Hotsy Totsy Haus amethyst bath bombs and a brainwave-sensing meditation headband by Muse ($250, or £193).

Hotsy Totsy Haus’ amethyst bath bombs are included for A-listers. [Photo: Hotsy Totsy Haus]

Holiday vouchers

These aren’t just any vouchers – the Oscars goody bag comes complete with a 12-day cruise on the Scenic Eclipse, a yacht for 220 guests complete with an on-hand butler service and two helicopters. All coming in at the modest value of $78,190 (£60,464).

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The goody bag include a luxury cruise on the Scenic Eclipse yacht. [Photo: Scenic Eclipse]

There’s also a night in a Spanish lighthouse converted into a luxury hotel, which comes in at between $1,300 (£1,005) and $1,800 (£1,392) a night.

Food and drink

Tapping into the craze for all things CBD, this year’s bag contains chocolate edibles by Coda Signature, and a two-pack of dark chocolate Milanos, together with CBD-based drunks by CBD Barkeep.

There’s also a bottle of Próspero tequila in there – assumedly to celebrate and/or commiserate.


The freebies on offer also include a year’s membership to the Drawing Down the Moon matchmaking service (worth $20,000, or £15,466) together with a one-year membership to Insignia, an on-demand personal assistant service, worth $10,000 (£7,733).

Dark chocolate Milano biscuits are among the cheaper goody bag items. [Photo: Milano]

Cosmetic treatments

Of course, celebrities will be looking their glossy-haired, white-toothed, smooth-skinned finest for the awards ceremony, but New York based aesthetic doctor Konstantin Vasyukevich has offered his services in the goodie bag: $25,000 (£19,332) worth of cosmetics treatments including lip fillers and chemical peels.

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The unexpected

Other items in the bag include a “smart bra” from Soma which measures the wearer’s busts to fit to the perfect size, and a Peezy Midstream – a medical kit which tests urine for infections.

Then, there’s a gold-plated vape pen by Hollowtips – worth $150 (£116).

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