Competition: who goes to the marathon of the series "New Papa" in Moscow


Competition: who goes to the series marathon

Frame from the series "New Papa"

February 8 in Moscow Amediateka and "KARO.Art" will show on the big screen the cinema center "October" all episodes of the series "New dad". Within marathon The Russian premiere of the final series will take place. The most provocative project about the Vatican’s inner kitchen will be presented and discussed with the audience by film expert Vsevolod Korshunov and film critic Yegor Moskvitin.

SPLETNIK.RU raffled off the tickets for the Moscow premiere and chose the winners: they receive two tickets each Ekaterina L., Nelly Ya., Olga S., Ekaterina G., Olga A. In the near future, a moderator will contact you and tell you how to proceed!

Thank you all for participating!

Right answers

1. The first episodes of the new "New Pope" were shown on …
3. The Venice Festival

2. John Malkovich and Julia Snigir were already filming together. In which movie?
2. "About love. For adults only"

3. What Soviet writer does Lenny Belardo quote in The Young Pap, sending one of the cardinals to exile in Alaska?
1. Joseph Brodsky

"New Papa" – the continuation of the acclaimed series Paolo Sorrentino "Young Papa", where the main role was played by the brilliant Jude Law. This time John Malkovich entered the cast. Sharon Stone and Marilyn Manson will also appear in the series. Another important replenishment in the caste is the Russian actress Julia Snigir, who played a woman experiencing a difficult family tragedy. Together with her husband-surgeon (Ulrich Thomsen from the Banshee series), she brings up her son with a disability and her story is another reason to talk about the advisability of faith in higher powers.

Pius XIII is in a coma. Taking advantage of the situation, the cardinals choose a new pontiff – the papal throne is occupied by John Paul III, the world is Sir John Brannox, a moderate and charming English aristocrat. The new dad seems perfect, but he also has his own weaknesses and secrets. He also understands perfectly well that it will be difficult to take the place of his charismatic and illustrious predecessor. It seems that John Paul III is ready to lead the Catholic Church in a direction advantageous to the cardinals, but Pius XIII, after many months, begins to show weak signs of life.

On February 8, special screenings of the latest episode of “The New Pope” will also be held in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan and other cities.


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