How did I become a person who gets excited about garden centres?


I fully agree that we need to be more proactive about teaching schoolchildren the fundamentals of modern life. Financial education; preparation for the world of work; explanations of how mortgages and rental contracts work… lessons like these would mean that come their early 20s young people might not feel so stressed and adrift.

One thing in particular: how did I get to my mid-20s without knowing that it is possible to murder a plant by overwatering it? Water is the elixir of life. I did not think anything could be bad about water. (Yes, I know it is possible to drink too much and cause brain cells to swell, please do not write in; but I did not consider how this could translate to plants.)

The popularity of pot plants has risen in the past decade. This is mocked as a hipster affectation rather than being seen for what it truly is – a relatively cheap and easy way for the masses in rental apartments to put their stamp on a place. And to make it feel homely, when tenancies are often insecure and painting the walls can result in losing thousands of pounds in a deposit.