Irvins to serve salted egg and truffle rice/noodles in Wisma Atria


A brand famous for its salted egg-flavored fried fish skin snacks is expanding its options with rice and noodles. 

Starting this Friday, Irvins is selling salted egg rice with a choice of chicken, prawns, calamari or clam toppings at its Wisma Atria shopping center outlet. 

Other than the salted egg rice (S$11.90), there is also truffle-flavored rice (S$10) and truffle noodles (S$10).

From left: Truffle rice with clams, salted egg rice with prawns, truffle noodles with calamari. Photos: Irvins

It’s a meal you can get physical with. Irvins recommends shaking its boxes of noodles or rice before eating to make sure the ingredients mix well — hence the food concept’s name, “Messy Bowls.”

Irvins Messy Kitchen is also taking orders via food delivery app Deliveroo.

Irvins Messy Kitchen
Opens Jan. 17
10am to 9pm
Wisma Atria Shopping Center

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