Oh my God! Matthew Perry signed up for Instagram


Oh my God! Matthew Perry signed up for Instagram

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow

The long-known actor Matthew Perry resisted the idea of ​​having an Instagram account, but probably taking example with a friend on Friends Jennifer Aniston, which registered in the popular social network last year, decided to join the ranks of its users. Yesterday, the actor started his official page and immediately managed to receive congratulations from celebrity friends. Perry himself has not yet published a single photograph, but it did on her page Lisa Kudrow, who posted an old picture with a friend.

Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow
Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow

At last! Yes! I can’t believe my eyes! Welcome to Instagram, Matthew Perry. Friends for life

She wrote.

Rejoiced at the appearance of a friend in the vastness of the network and Jennifer Aniston, and Courtney Coxwho commented on the picture.

Could you wait even longer?

– wrote Aniston.

More than one and a half million people have already subscribed to the actor’s account. So far, however, they can be content only with a picture of his profile, on which he sleeps with an smile in his hands, and a short description: "What is it, my Instagram account?" Perry himself has already signed up for all of his Friends friends: Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courtney Cox, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer.

Fans of the legendary comedy show, of course, are very happy about the virtual reunion of their idols, but nevertheless they are waiting for them to see them all together on the screen again. And although until recently, the creators of the series said that his comeback while delayed, according to the latest information, it will nevertheless take place – the deal with the actors is close to completion, so the return of “Friends” to the screens is only a matter of time.

Matthew Perry


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