TVB scrambles to disinfect premise after man throws up


7 Feb – Panic ensued in TVB City recently, albeit for a short while after a man was spotted vomiting at one of its production factory areas.

As reported on Mingpao in a statement released by the company recently, it admitted that the incident occurred on 4 February, after the security department received a notice that a man was seen throwing up at the area between Factory 11 and 12.

The broadcaster said they immediately dispatched staff members to clean up and disinfect the area and to find the said man.

After much investigation, the man was found to be a part-time actor who actually suffers from gastroenteritis.

The man stated that he “ate too much and felt nauseous”, and had since been sent to the doctors, who confirmed that there was nothing contagious about his condition.

Jimmy Au and Law Lok Lam, who are part of the “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” cast who are filming the series at Factory 11, stated that they did not know about the incident, but will not worry too much about it.

“I believe that the company will do a good job in taking the safety measures to ensure everybody’s health,” said Law.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)


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