Whitney Hui welcomes her first baby


7 Feb – Whitney Hui recently announced the birth of her first child.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress shared the good news on Instagram to reveal that she has given birth to her daughter, Kayli Jane Fung, on 2 February.

“The entire labour process went very smoothly. You arrived into a world filled with laughter and jokes from your daddy, the doctor, and the anesthesiologist. I knew that you will be a very happy baby because of this,” she wrote.

Whitney said that she couldn’t help but feel emotional during labour when the doctor said that they could see her baby’s head.

“You had been in my tummy for so long and all of a sudden, you were very real. I could see you, feel you, hear and smell you. Daddy has also become a fool for you. He wants to look at you every minute of every day, and when the nurses came to take you away for the night, he was unwilling to part,” she wrote.

Whitney also thanked her husband Alex in the said post, saying that he has been very attentive towards her and their newborn.

“My husband said that he will get used to loving two females at the same time. The baby has now become my love rival,” she added in jest.

Whitney and Alex tied the knot in September last year and announced the pregnancy a month later.

(Photo Source: Whitney Hui Instagram)


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