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10 Romantic Movies that will make you cry – jj

10 Romantic Movies that will make you cry

I see that most of the comments here were saying ‘WHY IS TITANIC IS NOT ON THE LIST?” My answer is… this is MY LIST(MY OPINION) and TITANIC is …



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  1. Great romance movies to watch (Not in order):

    – Me before you
    – Love, Rosie
    – One day
    – The fault in our Stars
    – A walk to remember
    – Dear John
    – Remember Me
    – P.S I Love You
    – The Vow
    – The Notebook
    – Blue Valentine
    – Midnight Sun
    – Call me by your name
    – If Only
    -Never let me go
    – 500 days of summer
    -Brokeback Mountain
    -Sweet November
    -The best of me

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