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100 Romantic Things To Say In A Text to your boyfriend – jj

100 Romantic Things To Say In A Text to your boyfriend

20 Ways To Make Him Emotionally Addicted To You https://youtu.be/3CEBN36emEk 10 Signs Your Boyfriend may be seeing someone else …



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  1. Gosh I thnk my boo is the most romantic guy in the world….though I made my first kiss terrible he held my hand and told me sweet words that made me want him more….more than just kissing him I love him xooo very very much ????????

  2. "You are my water and I am your flower" (flower can't live without water) these words that you put in this video are not from the feelings to a person that you love.

    "You are the brightest star in the sky"

    "I think of you every 1 second in my life"

    "Before I met you, my life was a mess"

    "When ever I walk past you my heart starts beating fast"

    "Your chocolate eyes make me blush"

    "Your hair is soft like a bunny"

    "The smile is like the light that is my happiness"

    "When you not here, I feel like the time has stopped"

    I don't know if these are romantic, but this is from my heart what I love about the boy that this everything to me.

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