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Insurance for days and weeks for all types of vehicles – jj

Insurance for days and weeks for all types of vehicles

We are an insurance broker founded in 1980, formed by a perfect blend of seniority and youth, which forms a multidisciplinary team with the sole purpose of being at your service and offering the best advice. Trust us and our 36 years of experience.

We are specialists in insurance for days and weeks for any type of vehicle in a reliable, safe and fast way, with budget and online contracting at the moment, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

What kind of vehicles can you insure for days?
– Cars
– Motorbikes
– Classic cars
– Classic motorcycles
– Boats
– Motorhomes
– Buggies
– Microcars
– Vans
– Tourism derivatives
– Truck
– Tractor head
– Farm Equipment
– Construction machinery
– Rental cars
– Quads
– Trailer

Do you need to take out insurance for days? You can do it in


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