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Keeping a scorebook pt1 – jj

Keeping a scorebook pt1


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  1. I've been scoring off and on for about 40 years, starting just after I finished Little League. One alternative I've found today that I hadn't really noticed before is putting the batter's jersey number in a baserunner's box. For example: in the video (9:14), Baker, a runner on 1st, goes to 2nd on a walk, so a BB is written to show his advance to 2nd. However, by putting a 26 in Baker's box (the jersey number of the batter, Ulrichs) instead of the BB, that is one less confusing BB showing up in the book when trying to count final stats at the end of a game — the ONLY actual base on balls belongs to Ulrichs.
    I'm going to try that method right now for a game.

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