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TAG Heuer | Manufacture Movie – jj

TAG Heuer | Manufacture Movie


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  1. What I would like to know is how the hell does CAD software "know" that the accuracy of the movement will be up to TAG's standards when they finally stamp out all the parts? Do they sacrifice one watch and keep adjusting it until it runs the way they want to? If I could, I'd love to go to the factory and see examples of internal components that were rejected because they didn't perform up to specs and compare the prototype watch with the production version…

  2. Hi I am a fan of watches Tag Hoier Madness of madness please Are there an agent in Iraq or Baghdad to buy a watch with greetings to the owners of the company and their wishes for permanent success

  3. Initially, seiko used some techniques that heuer had put patents for.
    And the movement had been only used in grand seiko having a price range over $4000 before tag bought the right for it.

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  5. I was amazed by the mikrogirder watch, that's what they should be selling as norms!! Not these with some college visual effects stuffs and shits who don't even know how to put rubber finger tips or gloves on before touching movements (are they actors or disastrous watchmakers? Can TAG clarify again like how they did after someone exposed the Seiko saga?)

    I'm not biased or what, but I do say same things to other pretentious brands. I had hoped Gordon Ramsay had done some watchmaking hell shows.

  6. Why are so many of these watch handling associates doing so without any latex gloves or finger coverings like you see with all other watch companies? Using bare fingers on the mechanism leaves fingerprints, oils and attracts dirt. Not good.

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