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United Begin Talks With Lemina! | Man Utd Transfer News – jj

United Begin Talks With Lemina! | Man Utd Transfer News

The Times are reporting Manchester United have been given permission to begin talks with Mario Lemina ahead of an £18m move! Subscribe, FREE, for more …


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  1. WHO is making these decisions?? Is it 1 person or is it a team of people? Because they are seriously underwhelming me with their choices. What happened with the whole technical director position? I am losing faith and patience by the day with this club

  2. Saints are the dippers feeder club, I think we are stopping them from getting him.
    That close source was a bloke from the Sun sat in the Trafford pub listening to two pissheads talking football.

  3. I cant understand utd fans..we complain about us being in the europa league and we wont be able to attract top players, yet when we go after second tier players we say they are not good enough for utd…so who do we sign then?

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