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What is a working life and how is it requested? – jj

What is a working life and how is it requested?

In this video the lawyer Ramón Escribano Garés, expert in claiming pensions for work disability and matters related to Social Security, Phone 958-274169, explains how you can ask for a report on working life.

In the first place, the video explains that it is a working life, for which this document is particularly useful.

This document can be defined as a document in which all the contributions that a worker has made to the Social Security and the companies in which he has made said contributions are reflected.

It is important to highlight that in this work life report they specify:

1.- The companies in which you have worked.

2.- The type of work contract developed in each company, with its corresponding code.

3.- The type of workday carried out in each job.

4.- The professional category held in each job.

Secondly, it is explained how this document, allows any worker to know, at any time if the company in which he has provided his services has quoted for the amounts reflected in the contract, if the work release that has processed the company corresponds or not with reality, and initiate, where appropriate, based on this document, actions in defense of their rights that are deemed appropriate.

In the third place, we explain how to ask for a work life report:

.- By phone

.- By internet being registered as a user of the Social Security System.

.- On the Internet with an electronic certificate enabled by Social Security

.- Online without electronic certificate.

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