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American Medical Association (AMA) events in the early 1900's led to… (DON'T MISS THIS ONE!) – jj

American Medical Association (AMA) events in the early 1900's led to… (DON'T MISS THIS ONE!)

This short clip gives some great insight on the two different approaches to healthcare with humans. See what happened in the early 1900’s that caused Modern/Western/Allopathic Medicine to become more popularized, ultimately scaring people away from Alternative/Holistic/Homeopathic/Natural approaches.

See which big industries helped fund the American Medical Association (AMA), and why they were even interested in helping them in the first place.

The whole thing (faulty medical care / practice, and the current “health” of the country) is very easy to make sense of – just follow the $money$.



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  1. @Pavelserboris

    I would have agreed with you before I started researching homeopathy and water as of recently. I'm now open to the possibility that there may be more to water than we've always believed. Though, I'm still skeptical enough that I would not use homeopathic treatments – although, I'm just as skeptical of most drugs. There are serious flaws in the studies that are used to test drug efficacy.

  2. First off… what the hell does George Washington have to do with the turn of the century? Using that as an example of proper medicine is ludicrous. Basically, homeopathy was safer than the quack medicine of the 1700's when it was invented. Why was it safer? Because it's just water, nothing else. So giving your patients nothing was safer than poisoning them. In the mid 1800's, people began scientifically testing medicine, and homeopathy became beyond obsolete: absolutely useles..

  3. If you can create a problem then you can create a solution to the problem. That is what BIG AGRA and BIG PHARMA do.. Create a problem through inadequate nutrition, then offer solutions in the form of pharmaceutical drugs. That is why we have been so far removed from the origin of our food, made to rely on a system which is propped up by subsidies. It is just a horrible farce. Eating well is economically feasible, just requires a bit of research and initiative.. Thanks for the vid.

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