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Best Roulette Strategy Ever !!! 100% sure win !! – jj

Best Roulette Strategy Ever !!! 100% sure win !!

Win Roulette Easily – Best and Easy Strategy, Now Winnings in Roulette is on finger tips !!!


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  1. I won over 300 off a couple machines yesterday I then went to roulette bet hundred on black won made few other bets using James bond teck lost bet another hundred on black won I cashed out and left smilling..

  2. You could win at roulette 75% of the time with this system here: MootSpin.xyz

    Once again, people. I cannot say this enough: This is not a system to "increase your odds" as those do not exist, and I wish people would stop advertising them in that manner. The odds of any particular game are set in stone and cannot be altered. This is more of a "money management" technique, and it can be applied in many different ways. Technically, it is just a modified version of the infamous Martingale system. It relies on the simple "loss recovery" method where the object is to chase your lost money until you win it + one additional bet back, and then reset. All of these systems work fine in the short term, but alas, they are ALL known to go BUSTO as soon as you run into a cold streak and hit a spot where you no longer have enough money to "chase" your previous loss. At this point, you either bet your house, or it's game over.

    So, feel free to have a little bit of fun using these techniques. Win a few bucks and take your loved one(s) to a nice dinner. But don't rely on any of these methods as a surefire way to produce an income, or to become a millionaire as you will just end up pulling your hair out when you slam head first into your first inevitable "wipe-out" scenario… ???

  3. Dear friends. Now a days all the roulette wheels are magnetically fixed and it is impossible to beat them specifically when u r playing alone. But there are still ways to beat these wheels. For details subscribe us and contact us at the email address given in the end of each video.

  4. I have done the math. Because im stupid and I have enough time.
    If we leave 0 as it is, we are left with 36 numbers. To cover them all, we have to cover 12 spots.
    With this stategy, for a foolproof winning strategy without chance of losing, I counted the numbers. Here my result:
    Exept for the first one, the counting is very simple. You only double the first rebet once. You double the other bets once to add and one double.
    I did my counting based on 1$.
    At bet 4 for example, the last 3 were miss. This time the bets before were 2 at every spot. Wich is already a total of 9. At bet 4 we add 2 to the 6 bet of before and then we double the amount. Wich makes already 18 on the fourth bet.
    The number I came up with at bet 12 will shock you and maybe even make you delete this video directly. Because in my counting, I ended up with a base stack of 49,153 dollars exactly to win, every time.
    If you'd like to do the counting, be my guest. Id love to be told wrong. As im still looking for the best strategy

  5. hi dear gamblers . please pay attention to this: ************************
    (1) Real Casinos: in this casino there are at least 3 layers to help house secure itself," first of all we have to understand the fact that the gambling industry itself is so greedy and care about the last penny in your pocket" . okay lets talk about Roulette for example…. The Dealer is the first layer How? so simple I as a player can read the so called "Dealer Signature " and guess the number with 80-90% accuracy. I know you might ask how and if you can do this why you are not a millionaire?? If you are able to not be controlled with music, oxygen and Adrenaline you can see that the Dealer of each roulette table will use his hand gesture to show the camera guys (3 layer) that he is doing his job perfectly (they know where to start to end where and by mechanically changing the colour on the wheel you can perfectly hit the number you want to) I will provide you with this to go one time(without any cash -credits ) to make sure I am not bull****. LOOK AT THE DEALERS HAND GESTURE RIGHT BEFORE GRABING THE BALL AND THE TIME THEY ROLL IT (PATTERNS AND TRICKS ARE EASY TO UNDERSTAND)…. okay the question arise here if we can read the dealer mind and bet after he roll the ball then we should win every single bet .NOOOOOOOO. The second layer is there. "the guy or lady , the table supervisor" if u see the casino for each or every 3 table games there a supervisor and a tablet that he is frequently touch it .(You can never see what is there because it is Opaque and face up) but I can tell you : the ability to choose every single number on roulette and also changing results on almost every game. How?? the roulette ball magnetized and hits the specific number the guy decide . again for helping you better understand ask this question?? why the supervisor is obsessed with that tablet. and why he is watching the table ??? And the Third layer are upstair guys who are also have access to everything wanted to do. they can see every single move and specifically trained to get you ripped off. 🙂 (2) Online casinos : if you are familiar with programing and computer science you should be able to understand how you can easily understand every single player minds and this the world we are leaving in "Programming and Machine Learning" …….. to sum up : (1) Gambling is not disease or addiction or fun it is a sin . it is a tools for slavery. it is worst than any other sin because make you weak , hopeless. make u lie, forget above lovers, and leave you broke. (2) it is 100% impossible to make money out f it do not allow other examples to fool you.. in fact even if you win beside you at the same time people might suicide (and you probably cash out their money).(3) if you are a losser in casino be happy about it and learned sth from this.(4) never try to get money back , your money is gone even if you win you are destroying another human (5) God says : gambling is a tools of Satan (Devil) to control you to destroy you (6) THE DEVIL IS NOT ONLY ONE AND EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS WORKING FOR GAMBLIING INDUSTRY BRING DEVIL TO HEART. That is why they don't care about you pissed off … (7) Do not allow anything or anyone destroy your personality/ your life / and beloved ones. Wish you all a happy life with saying no to Devil and his Workers.!!

  6. This strategy is shit, to increase chances of winning money never play on a computerised version always live casino or better still go the casino. Always set your targets b4 u start have a game plan of what you can afford to lose or how much you've come 2 win. If you reach your target get out. I normally bet 30£ a spin and just go 25£ on a colour odd even high or low then I will pick 5 numbers for a 1£ each on what ever I've bet on so if I'm on red I'll have 5 red numbers and stay wiv the same numbers every time if I get luck and starts winning I will slightly increase both stakes hitting the numbers for a few quid will soon get u out the door a winner if your not a greedy bastard. Good luck

  7. Nobody will believe me i knw ull think m just joking or fooling bt i need a big amount to be invested n the result will be in front of uh Cz the way i play i need a big amount for that bt don’t have that .if someone has extra can try once can change his or her lyf n myn too ☺️??all the best
    +1 6475628789 the formula to play this confedential if anyone interest may call

  8. 100% chance winning strategy would be to bet on red every single time and when you lose double up on red and stay on red and every time, then you lose then double up again as in 10 20 30 and so on you're guaranteed to hit read at some point and make the money back and proceeded back to the minimum bet

  9. well nice accent dude, not. There is no way to win 100% of the time in any game. then it wouldn't be a game and then it wouldn't exist. even if you play 35 numbers 1$ on each you will lose 2 out of every 37 spins.. which not even that is 100%. you can predict roulette if you're smart and good with numbers but it's never gonna be 100% nothing will ever be 100% sure listen to Einstein

  10. Sorry but the risk reward for this system is shockingly in the casino favour. The average gambler doesn't have the ability to stop when losing unless they have no more money. If you lose first 3 spins then your bank roll is starting to be smashed and by 5th spin your really losing badly. IF you manage to win then great but the odds are still massively against you to do so. Just follow a real roulette wheel without putting money on it, keep tabs and work out how many winners you'd get. This is totally luck if you make money off this system otherwise your on a hiding to big losses. I don't see most people stopping on spin 6 and starting again having already lost a big amount, they'll keep spinning losing more. The original martingale system is better and that isn't full proof by any stretch as always chance of hitting 7+ spins against you and then your really losing big.

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