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Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/bigflipsilverandgoldflipp YOUTUBE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH THIS CHANNELS GIVEAWAYS. Please read below disclosures if new to this channel.
Stream Disclosure in Full:
Music from: https://the-arcadium.net/ Thanks to ‘The Fat Rat’ and ‘Pretzel’
Penny Pincher – Outro music
Stream Disclosure:
Welcome to BIGFLIP silverandgoldflipper. Our channel is entertainment purposes and to pay it forward in this amazing community. . Live streams and Videos will have content based on coin roll hunting,,great chats, fun games contests, donations and drawings with the occasional gold panning, metal detecting and fishing videos. Donations are not required to participate in videos, streams, chats, games or the free drawings during the streams.
You must be of legal age to participate or have parental permission to enter contests
This channel is not sponsored by a third party.
Giveaway items were purchased or acquired from public establishments or other channels.
All giveaways are void where prohibited by YouTube, The Law or where prohibited
All winners of giveaways or contests will be decided by the channel hosts or moderators. Any questionable robot channels will not be awarded. Any violations of the rules and community guidelines will result in a channel timeout, disqualification and/ or permanent block depending on the violation and situation.

Participants are expected to fully read and understand the rules and eligibility for participation listed below prior to contributing on entering contests.

BIGFLIP silverandgoldflipper agrees with and respects YouTube services, privacy policies and guidelines. Please see links below for specific details.
YouTube Terms of service: https://www.youtube.com/static?gl=US&template=terms
YouTube Community Guidelines: https://www.youtube.com/yt/about/policies/#community-guidelines
Privacy Policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en
YouTube does not endorse and is not affiliated with this channel or content in any way
Donors must be 18 years or older or have parental permission to donate on any donation level
Donations outside of YouTube Community Guidelines will be refunded and no longer accepted in future streams.

Descriptions / Contribution info/ Tiers :

Stream Drawings: Mid and/ or End of stream drawing for all participants.
Donor appreciation Drawing: Exclusive donor appreciation drawing at end of stream. This prize will increase in value as donations are received.
SIDEKICK PULL: 1 coin pull from the SIDEKICK bag containing 30x 40% and 5x 90%
FLIPSIDE PULL: 1 coin pull from the FLIPSIDE bag containing a number to a corresponding grab bag
BIGFLIP PULL: 1 coin pull from the BIGFLIP bag containing a number to a corresponding silver bag
Contributions can be made with PayPal through this link: https://www.paypal.me/silverandgoldflipper

All donation amounts include the collectables within the corresponding rolls search. Collectables are described below for each denomination.

Penny Rolls: All wheaties, foreign coins, proofs, and dates prior to 1955
Nickel Rolls: All Buffalo, v-nickels, War nickels, foreign coins and dates prior to 1955
Half Dollars: All 40% and 90 % silver coins, proofs, foreign coins, NIFC’s ect..

Half Dollar Rolls:
$ 5 = 1 Roll and 1 Entry into the donor appreciation drawing
$10= 2 Rolls, 2 Entries into the donor drawing and 1 SIDEKICK pull
$25= 5 Rolls, 5 Entries into the donor drawing and 1 FLIPSIDE grab bag pull
$50= 10 Rolls, 10 Entries into the donor drawing, and 1 BIGFLIP silver bag pull
$250= 50 Rolls, 50 Entries into the drawing, 5 BIGFLIP Pulls,

Nickel & Penny Rolls:
$10 = 5 Rolls and 2 Entries into the donor appreciation drawing
$25= 12 Rolls, 5 Entries into the drawing , 1 silver dime, and 1- 40% silver half dollar
$50= 25 Rolls, 10 Entries into the drawing, 2 silver dimes and 2- 40% or 1-90% silver half dollar

*If you wish to pay extra for insurance, please let me know before mailing day. I hand package all products myself to the USPS. Once in their possession, I hold zero responsibility for its arrival and cannot be deemed liable for any losses without said insurance. You will be offered tracking information . Prices subject to change without notice.

***WINNERS- Must leave contact info through email at silverandgoldflipper@yahoo.com
Emails must include your YouTube name, name you want the mail to be sent and in the format as it would look like on your envelope, the item or contest/ drawing won and the date of the win to verify winnings.
Data from email will not be shared with others or any third party. Addresses will not be kept on file unless explicitly instructed on an email to save for future drawings or mailings.

Drawings are void where prohibited



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