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Cord Blood Donation: What You Need to Know – jj

Cord Blood Donation: What You Need to Know

Thousands of people with Leukemia or other blood diseases are in need of life saving bone marrow or cord blood transplants. Blood from a baby’s umbilical cord like bone marrow, contains large numbers of blood forming cells, and can be donated easily with no harm to the mother or baby. In this video the MD Anderson tells us more about how to donate and bank life saving umbilical cord blood for those in need.


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  1. Great video, thanks for posting. This is why my wife and I donated, and why we chose to bank our child's cord blood. We went with Genecord, a private facility. The people there were great, it's been around for decades so you know it's stable, and it was far more affordable than most. I think donating and banking cord blood will be universal soon enough.

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