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Dawn -Son lock up 40 days beaten brutally by police in SOE last year.lawyer rob her – jj

Dawn -Son lock up 40 days beaten brutally by police in SOE last year.lawyer rob her

Dawn from Montego Bay Talking about her son got Lock up in the state of Public Emergency from Sept 29,2018. to 7 Nov,2018 and was beaten brutally by two …


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  1. This lady don't think about other only her self she was not explaining to u she only wanted to use your platform to get her view across and that is a part of the problem if u new someone who u can say u no not to be a trouble maker and u would not say nothing. Then I r a part of what we r facing in the country it only hurt u when it have something to do with u just listen to your self I don't feel for u you deserve to feel what other people go true it's not everything the police say is true but it's people like you who believe so now u no what it's like peace

  2. I'm listening to this woman here how she presented herself, she's very intelligent and has been through a lot with the so-called system which is been setup to conquer and destroy, my hats off to her because she's been hitting some real points where the root of the problem is in our lawless community,Bless up Wayne for bringing her forward to elaborate.

  3. Them lawyer ya must stop tek people especially poor people for granted yu nuh all this a wickedness man must start page some a them scammer so call lawyer ya and deal with them drastically step to them seriously, lady don't even bother call security minister name a joker that a stool pigeon that a so me know them so call gun man ya a some coward a them set of exploiter ya them fi step to .

  4. Good morning Wayne my heart cry for this mother plus all the mother's and fathers of Jamaica who has children in Jamaica my heart cried Almighty FARI why are we Jamaicans treated like savages. How did we get here…..poor people of Jamaica please listen to me stop voting for those politicians in Jamaica look else where you have no leader those politicians only care about one percent of people ninety nine percent of you don't exist in there book..take my words for it. GOD help Jamaicans poorer citizens of Jamaican

  5. Ja nuh independent. The way how mi c things. Ja judicial system needs overseas intervention in order 4 ppl fi get fair justice and to be governed by overseas judicial bar association. Too much slackness. Dem cook up wid d judge fi extend it cause dem nuh want nobody c him injuries. She is fairly intelligent she could go to court and represent .

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