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Keeping a scorebook pt2 – jj

Keeping a scorebook pt2


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  1. Excellent tutorial. I do one thing a little differently. I don't keep track of the balls and strikes (too much work if you are just having fun, or in a rec league), so I put a tick mark for an RBI in the boxes that are there for the balls and strikes. Just personal preference.

  2. FYI…. this is advanced score keeping and you do not need to write in everything like he shows you because some books are small and you dont have enough room to put everything. I keep track of the strikes, balls(helps with pitch counts too), errors, where a batter hit, stolen bases, and outs. I do not mark rbi's, runner advances on wild pitches, errors, etc. It's nice to know this but in reality games for kids in rec or travel ball does not need to have every stat until theybstart playing high school ball. Another thing if a player misses a ball trying to make a play it is not always counted as an error so if you're not sure ask the coach if he wants to record errors. Actually if you keeping book for kids under 12yo I wouldn't even worry about errors or stolen bases… pitch count (balls/strikes), outs and the runners/score.

  3. Great basic tutorial.  Personally I use "tick" marks to show where runners stopped on the bag.  This shows legit 2B/3B hits over bags reached; plus dots too show runs instead of a filled in diamond.  Keeps things clean.  Finally, use numbers in the pitch count boxes so you know on which pitch a hit occurred.

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