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Perfecting Your American Accent Video 1: Pronouncing ADDRESS – jj

Perfecting Your American Accent Video 1: Pronouncing ADDRESS

http://GetAnAmericanAccent.com Video 1 – Pronouncing Address: Perfecting Your American Accent Series by Sheri Summers
Next Episode (Stress In Compound Nouns): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYoy-2NUwuw

In this FREE supplementary American English Training video series, Sheri Summers will walk you through several words and sounds to help you improve your spoken English. These mini-tutorials are designed to help you pick up an American Accent as well as to introduce you to the elements of English that you need to learn in order to speak with an authentic American Accent.

This series of videos requires some fairly advanced levels of English from the viewer and deals with the most important vowels of English as well as intonation and word connections.

For video 1, Sheri starts things off with the word, “address.” In this video, you will learn how to pronounce the word “address” like a native speaker whether you are using the word as a noun or as a verb.

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