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Plastering the Swimming Pool – jj

Plastering the Swimming Pool

In the final step of the pool’s contruction, the basin is washed and vacuumed before plastering begins. Bob discusses the materials and the mixing ratio used in the plaster, and watches as the plaster is applied.


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  1. Hi,
    Question, currently have a new pool being built. They finished the shotcrete and noticed that the one of the umbrella holes is a bit deep where it does not hold water that long, does not last more then 5 minutes telling me that its going beyond the concrete. Should I be concerned about that and if so whats the best way to fix that with epoxy or add some concrete?

  2. the owner literally sounded like he had no idea how this works.. like either his dad owns the business and just handed it down to him, or he works in a pool plastering material warehouse

  3. That Larry guy wasn't too smart cutting the bag open on the ground. He doesn't care, the customer will be paying for the product and no concern for the crew having to straighten out his screw up.

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