Rev 2 "Pushing the Innovation Pedal in a Conservative Industry" – Allstate Insurance Company

Recorded at Rev 2 | May 23-24, 2019 | New York

Eric Huls, Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Case Studies – Allstate Insurance Company

Deeply integrating data and analytics into a company’s DNA is no longer optional, but foundational to its success. However, institutionalizing analytics in an established company or industry with a long history, has its own unique set of challenges. Beyond just building up data sets, predictive analytic capabilities and technology infrastructure, analytic leaders must influence and shift a company’s culture to one that deeply embraces analytics.

Eric Huls, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Allstate Insurance, will discuss the critical importance of fostering an analytics-driven culture to drive innovation and re-shape the future of legacy companies and conservative industries.

Eric will also address topics such as:

– What stops established companies from fully adopting analytics
– The right and wrong way to drive analytic adoption and disrupt long-held beliefs
– Tips to re-build a company’s culture with analytics at its core

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