The Beauty that Trains Like a Beast | Cassandra Martin Arm Workout

Cassandra Martin knows the importance of using heavy weights when she trains. Here’s a look at one of her favorite arm workouts
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  1. I came across you a few days ago and I just wanted to say that you come across as such a nice and genuine person, I find your workouts easy to understand and helpful, you are a wonderful role model for women across the globe. Or that's my opinion as a 23yo male from the UK. Much love and respect to her and all x

  2. Hi Cassandra how are you thank you for sharing that video I like it specially your muscles ? you look that you are long time your are training in gym and I’m happy that your husband is helping you for that I liked when you said that you bring everything with you to gym your special clothes and shoes and belt there’s one thing you forget to bring it with you you no what is it the towel for your sweating if I was instead of your husband I get it for you and I’m the one will dry your sweating I start drying above your head and your faces and under your necks and beside your chest and your back and above your arms and under until I reached your armpits then I dry your armpits tightly in towel then I smell them by towel both of your armpits would you excuse me that thing please ?

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