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The Story of Electricity – BBC Documentary FullHD 1080p – jj

The Story of Electricity – BBC Documentary FullHD 1080p

Electricity is the physical flow of electrons, referred to as an electrical current. Electricity is an energy carrier that efficiently delivers the energy found in primary …


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  1. Clearly I'm missing something. How can the silk insulate the charge during the swing experiment at 12:43 and yet at 10:27 it says that the inspiration was Stephen Grey's silk work, during which he would see sparks fly, I know it only says he saw them (aka no report on getting shocked), but if it insulates, shouldn't it insulate (aka not see the charge fly). I know nothing about electricity, clearly! Simply trying to follow along as it's fascinating.

    Also, general question: Does that mean we / humans are conductors if the gold leaves flew? Then why does a lightening bolt harm, I get that's much stronger than a spinning glass, but then does that mean TO SOME DEGREE we can conduct? FASCINATING if so! Otherwise…so confused…

  2. The Canadians Henry Woodward and Mathew Evans invented the incandescent light bulb under US patent 181,613 and sold it to Edison. He improved it with a team at Menlo Park and commercialized it.That why Edison stated that an invention is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

  3. Nikola Tesla invented the radio! This documentary and Wikipedia are wrong! Marconi stole the technology for radio from Tesla and even admitted publicly that he didn’t know how it worked! (1909) In 1943 the Supreme Court ruled that Tesla had invented radio but both men were already dead and the misconceptions continue until today!

  4. We truly do stand on the shoulders of giants. Thank you to all scientist and engineers past, present and future that spend their lives making discoveries and implementing them to make our world a better place. Thank you BBC and ADVEXON for this awe-inspiring documentary.

  5. Wow, only names I see in this EDU Science book on electric inventions is Benjamin Franklin, Alessandro Volta, Andre-Marie Ampere, Georg Simon Ohm, Micheal Faraday, Thomas Edison, Werner Von Siemens, Philipp Reis, samuel Morse and Guglielmo marconi. No Tesla

  6. Edison was a greedy, egotistical, prideful, businessman that only cared about money, fame, and power. Tesla was the real genius that only wanted cheap energy for the people, that’s why he died penniless.

  7. Cajon Jackie-Would u on my comment with one comma missing and u fly off the handle like a true sociopath, hate to be your kids, you would be called a door knob by them. You are a weird shill I think, but I like it, because u are a good writer. Sociopaths as a whole, some are not dangerous or controlled, and some are fed too much bull shit and think they are on a mission for the better.

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