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Tudor Execution – Burnt at the stake – jj

Tudor Execution – Burnt at the stake

Scene from ‘The Tudors’ (Season 1 Episode 10) which sees a heretic named Simon Fish being burnt at the stake by Sir Thomas More. As shocking and dramatic as this scene is, the real Simon Fish was never burnt at the stake, but was stricken with Bubonic Plague, dying before he could be brought to trial for his herecy. Fish’s widow subsequently married the vocal reformer James Bainham, and then became a widow twice-over in April 1532, when Bainham himself was burnt at the stake as a heretic.


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  1. The Catholic Church never killed anyone. They convicted people or heresy, who were then turned over to the separate state authorities, who executed people for the crime of heresy under the country's law. Even still, Inquisitions are largely overstated in the number of people they killed, due to English war propaganda in the 16th and 17th century. For example, the Spanish Inquisition killed approximately 500 people, most people think it killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

  2. God bless religion. For religion has done so much good to mankind now and throughout history. I feel like burning someone who doesn't believe in my religion at the stake, and I will drink the blood of the non-believers and say cheers to my almighty god.

  3. In our atheistic time it might be so, but do remember how religious people were back then. Fish died because he believed differently than the Catholics. He believed that by following his faith he would go to heaven, and if he succumbed to Catholisism, he would not.

    The Afterlife was a very important factor to how people of the Tudor era lived their lives.

  4. They were completely sane, they believed they were doing god's work by burning heretics. You can't judge that era by the standards of today. They were volatile and bloody times, renegades of any and all kind were executed.

  5. some people ? some people ? a little misguided?

    its all one big joke for you, isn it?!

    you Evil Cultists! you, your Religion, your God, and your Bible Can BURN!

    you deserve everything whats coming to you,
    for all your crimes against humanity!

    and God is not Real! its one big Lie, to have an Excuse to play in "Inquisition Games"

  6. I wouldn't have to recant; they'd never catch on to me in the first place.

    But if I were there, and able to get away to safety, I'd have to be reminding myself of the three-fold law and the Wiccan rede.

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