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Turkish Poultry -Turkish Chicken and Eggs exporters manufacturers – jj

Turkish Poultry -Turkish Chicken and Eggs exporters manufacturers

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As you may already know, the Republic of Turkey is established on an area of 750 thousand square kilometres connecting Asia and Europe. Both climatic conditions and geographical position is convenient for agriculture and animal breeding.

In Turkish animal breeding, poultry is the leading one of the rapidest growing industries. Poultry industry has started to develop since 1950s and was dominated by family businesses with expensive and limited production capacities in 1970s.

In 1980s, it underwent a significant structural change with the increase in the number of the integrated facilities and the implementation of contract manufacturing model. In the consequence of this change, poultry industry has become a major industry capable of carrying out production planning and meeting the national demand. In 1990s, thanks to the big investments made, poultry industry achieved the world standards and came to these days with the continuous increase in the production.

Starting in 1995, the investments in turkey breeding was completed in short time and made a breakthrough in 1998. Turkey which, for longs years, had been consumed at the New Year, has now become a food that is consumed ever day.
In early 2000s, the poultry industry started EU harmonization studies and in 2005 came to a phase of the resolution to include Turkey in the list of third world countries from which the EU States may export poultry products.

80 percent (in the figures of 2004) of the white meat and egg production of our country is performed in extremely modern facilities and the most of them are twenty year younger than their peers in the developed countries.

Poultry industry ensures, by way of export, a significant inflow of foreign currency to the country while it, as the healthiest and cheapest protein, meets the nutrition deficit within the country. Our intense efforts continue to strengthen the image of, advertise the quality, hygiene and safety of, and promote “the Turkish Poultry Products” abroad.


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