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What are they and how do insurance work? – jj

What are they and how do insurance work?

The insurance involves the transfer of risks that tries to eliminate some of the negative economic consequences of the losses, so that the amount of damages or losses that a part suffers are distributed among a community of people that supports it jointly, with a much smaller effect than if the damage were presented individually.
From a mathematical point of view, insurance transforms the risks to which people are subject to bearable probabilities through an organization.1 Insurance is configured as a basic piece of the current social structure.2 The insurance institution has two great manifestations in society:
Social Security, which is a mandatory system of coverage, administered by the State, aimed at providing protection and welfare to citizens, which usually guarantees an economic benefit in case of retirement, work disability, death, unemployment etc.
Private insurance that covers and protects the people or entities that it contracts, being able to be of obligatory or voluntary subscription. Examples of private insurance are insurance against theft or fire of a property or automobile or accident insurance.

The insurance contract is that by which the insurer is obliged, through the collection of a premium and in the event that the event whose risk is subject to indemnification occurs, within the agreed limits, the damage caused to the insured or to satisfy a capital, an income or other agreed benefits.
The contractor or policyholder, who may or may not coincide with the insured, for its part, is obliged to make the payment of that premium, in exchange for the coverage granted by the insurer, which avoids facing greater economic damage, in case the loss occurs.

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  1. una buena explicación con ejemplos de como es que siempre han existido existen y existirán los diferentes tipos de riesgos y como las personas buscaron la forma de afrontar estos riesgos de una manera colectiva y asi poder minimizar el impacto económico que causa al materializare el riego en un siniestro.

  2. pues en lo personal me doy cuenta que todos podemos sufrir algún día de un riesgo catastrófico, de salud, automovilístico pero hay que estar prevenidos, por eso mismo existen diferentes seguros para poder cubrir estos percances .

  3. Muy bien explicado. Me parece muuy importante contratar un buen seguro , el problema que veo es a la hora de contratar uno que se adapte a ti y sea de una manera u otra rentable, hay muchísimas aseguradoras y a veces puede costar un gran trabajo conseguir el seguro adecuado, al final por recomendaciones y demás conocí https://www.psn.es/ y muy completo y con muchas posibilidades por si alaguien estaba en mi situacion jajaj

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