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What is electricity? – Electricity Explained – (1) – jj

What is electricity? – Electricity Explained – (1)

Electricity playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxPUNwEbydRN2yldvTWprBRxxpC3TRT7I What is electricity? How does electricity work? What do …


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  1. It's not the electrons on the copper wire itself that moves. The electrons that moves throught the copper wire in order to make the electrical current are the ones that are generated at the electrical power source like from a battery (from the chemicals) or from an AC or DC generator (from Magnetic Fields). The copper wires or other metal wires, surface, etc. are used because their conductivity properties, and heat resistance, because the more conductive the metal is, the easiest those generated at the source electrons will flow throught the wire, and also that electrical flow creates heat because the friction of the electrons moving throught the conductive material.

  2. Please take note of wbeaty's feedback to your video and post some corrections at least or explain in the description that some of the information in this video is out-right false or you are teaching us wrong things.
    Good thing I ran into that comment – I actually bought into the video. You are giving an incomplete definition to what electricity is, and incomplete definitions are false definitions, since they're not definitions.
    I was going to up-vote because I thought I finally found a simple explanation of what electrical current is and how such thing comes to be, but then I found wbeaty's comment and realized it was just false (more than half of it anyway) and not the whole truth.

  3. I disagree with something in this movie. At 6:19 . The body is charged, than mean Q=ne+ so E>0, the metal door is not charge, that mean Q=0 so E=0. When the body charged will touch the metal door. electron of the door will come to the body , Ebody=Emetaldoor , static state. The body will be less charged but still charged a little , and the metal door will becom negative , because is giving some electron to the body. How the door can have Q=0 as you mentionne in the video at 6min 17. He lose electron , in order to be Q=0 , he need to find electron somewhere else

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