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Wrist Roller – Forearm Exercise – Bodybuilding.com – jj

Wrist Roller – Forearm Exercise – Bodybuilding.com

For more exercises: http://bbcom.me/ZML9cG
Add this wrist roller exercise to your forearm / arm workout!

To begin, stand straight up grabbing a wrist roller using a pronated grip (palms facing down). Your feet should be shoulder width apart.

Slowly lift both arms until they are fully extended and parallel to the floor in front of you. Note: Make sure the rope is not wrapped around the roller. Your entire body should be stationary except for the forearms. This is the starting position.

Rotate one wrist at a time in an upward motion to bring the weight up to the bar by rolling the rope around the roller.

Once the weight has reached the bar, slowly begin to lower the weight back down by rotating the wrist in a downward motion until the weight reaches the starting position.

Repeat for the prescribed amount of repetitions in your program.


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  1. I have using this putting 45 lbs ( 22 kgs plates) my forearms are burning like dragon ball z.I can put beef on it and it becomes barbecue!!! I also tied my car on it starting to pull it but the number broken into its place.!! So powerful!!!

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  4. @papercut272 Buy some 2" tubing from a DIY shop and make your own, much cheaper and just as effective.

    Also, what it doesn't mention in this vid is that you should roll it both ways to work flexors and extensors. A thicker bar works the grip more too.

  5. @a55kika18 you are probly doing seated wrist curls or seated reverse curls but standing wrist curls and reverse curls do put as much pressure on the wrist, that what i started doing when i had pains in my wrists but i still do seated reverse wrist curls

  6. I'm experiencing incredible pain in my wrist while I'm doing forearms and some other excercises.I stopped then it started again when I started doing heavy weight 🙁
    Somebody please recommend something.

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