80 Cute Things To Say to Your Girlfriend

30 Cute names to call your girlfriend https://youtu.be/6gSfHQYhn1U 15 Male Behaviors Women Secretly Love https://youtu.be/mt4fO1fLbts 15 Signs She Likes …


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  1. Yall wanna know something that happened to me the other day??

    I was spending the night at my friends house who also happened to be someone who I fell in love with and she had no idea how I felt but as we stayed it up it was 11:11 and I said make a wish and she did my wish was that I wished to make out with her and her wish was about her crush who happens to be my brother lol. But she was like tell me your wish and I was like nah you first and she was like okay it was about your brother. I was like oh okay and she said now you and I responded my wish was to make out with you and we were laying next to each other on her bed and she leaned over and kissed me and I got sad cuz I wanted her to actual mean it but yeah

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