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Best Of Mr. Stake (TFS) – jj

Best Of Mr. Stake (TFS)

Compilation of everyones favorite lovable grass pokemon. Murrrrrr Stake! TFS GAMING Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke. Full version Includes the full epic battle between Mr. Stake vs Buttdork. Ignore the slight glitch towards the end, Slowmara is messing with the video.


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  1. Mr Stake is proof that the Nuzlocke challenge does its job: it makes you care about each and every one of these Pokemon. They picked Mr. Stake because they wanted him to die. By the end, they cared more about him than the rest of the party! Lol

  2. The best part about the ice beam scene is that not only did he not die, he also snapped out of confusion and because he entered into the red, his ability kicked in and gave his attack an added boost. In other words he over killed the starmie

  3. When he was hanged, the chain broke.

    When he is sent to the guillotine, the blade shattered.

    When sentenced to impalement, the spear crumbled.

    Consequently, he murdered over 9000 Pokemon.

    That means no one could kill him.

    Even himself.

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