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Can I ask for a pension? – jj

Can I ask for a pension?

Lawyer Ramón Escribano Garés (telephone 958-274169), specialists in claiming pensions for permanent work disability and matters related to Social Security.

Work disability pension for knee osteoarthritis.

In this video we explain what factors we have to take into account when considering whether to claim a permanent disability pension if the condition consists of osteoarthritis of the knee.

This type of disease usually causes limitations for prolonged walking and for standing equally prolonged; in addition it usually causes limitations to go up and down stairs, to load with weights that there is to displace besides causing important pains especially in the most advanced states of this disease.

When deciding whether or not it is viable to request a pension, we must also analyze the habitual work of the affected party, and especially the tax requirements that are required to carry out the usual tasks of the same.

Combining limitations of knee osteoarthritis and work requirements we can conclude whether or not in the specific case you can have sufficient viability to claim a pension.

We offer this work free of charge to any interested party. You can call us at 958-274169 and tell us your case. We will study its viability and we will send you a free quote without any obligation. 1st free telephone consultation

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