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Celebration of pure African marriage – jj

Celebration of pure African marriage

It is a celebration of marriage…our guarantee to the future…pure and natural.


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  1. What an excellent marriage celebration that is too hard to describe in words but appeals to our deepest inner-most real consciousness with unbelievable calm in contrast to what many of us are violently agitating what the marriage celebration of Rs. two hundred chores being mis-managed at Ali in Uttrakhand with the help couples of helicopters to damage the Nature there extensively as was done to the Yamuna's landscape a few years ago when a cultural festival was held there by Sri Sri….

  2. 3ars 3alama wa3ar walah ana saye adi noghda manwalich roh n3aras khirli tam ? chzih kidayar labsa chbab chandir ana blalman wala lmoghreb nhani rohi walah aya filaman matzidoch thawso 3liya wala nasma3 kach had sa9sa 3liya nji ana wrajli wfamilitah nadabhoh aya 9iloni rajli wa3ar ??

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