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Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke – American Medical Association (AMA) – jj

Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke – American Medical Association (AMA)

Children who breathe secondhand smoke suffer from more colds, asthma and other breathing problems that those not exposed. Learn the facts about secondhand smoke. http://www.ama-assn.org/go/secondhandsmoke

The AMA with a cooperative agreement from the Environmental Protection Agency, produced a video to help physicians educate parents about the health risks to their family associated with secondhand smoke exposure. The AMA thanks Children’s Memorial Hospital, the children and their parents for telling their stories. The AMA would also like to thank former newscaster, Maryann Childers, for narrating the video.


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  1. I have this problem too with my husband he just won’t stop! I hate him for exposing me (to think I’m currently pregnant) When I give birth soon I’m planning to stay at my mom’s house so my newborn baby won’t get exposed to 2nd hand smoke. I have a colleague and her baby recently died since being exposed to smoke caused her to have a sudden infant death syndrome

  2. breathing in 2nd hand smoke is literally breathing in pure smog, it's too fucking thick to breath. Second hand smoke is thicker than first hand smoke, I know I used to be a smoker. When I breathed in 1st hand, I was breathing oxygen+carbon monoxide, when I breath in someone else's cloud, it's just a thick cloud of carbon monoxide, period. It's fucking smog. Smoke vs smog, smoke is bad, smog is worse because it is thicker and harder to breath through. This "it's a free country, I have the right to violate your health" is flat out bullshit.

    I still smoke weed, that's my choice, but I don't do it around people who do not wanna breath in my smoke, I respect their boundaries. It's my body and I should have a say about what goes into it. That's MY right, MY freedom, that you don't get the "freedom" to violate because you are lazy and selfish.

  3. I grew up with my mom and dad smoking around us all the time. I was hardly ever sick, I can't remember missing more than 2 or 3 days of school. I smoke and my kids are hardly ever sick either. And for people to say they need to ban it from homes and vehicles are just dumb. I thought this was a free country, I'm the one BUYING my home, not the government, not anybody else!! If I choose to smoke in my home I will do so. This is so dumb. And the overweight kid in this video is gonna die of obesity not secondhand smoke.

  4. I legit started to tear up because my parents smoke in the vehicle and I know what these kids are going through. I wish my parents would stop. PLEASE do it for me. I feel like my parents are trying to kill me. Im a running athlete and I'm pretty good but I feel like my parents smoking could end my career.

  5. Im just tired of my parents smoking in the vehicle. Im to young to die. I don't want to die of second hand smoke. As I sit their in the vehicle my chest hurts as I can hardly breathe. They say it's fine because they crack the window but it's not fine because it's still in there. I try to take little of breathe as possible when I'm Burying my face in to my shirt because the smell is just awful. The worst part is the smell. Smelling it every time I get in the vehicle feeling like I'm going to throw up and even worst is the smell can stain your clothes and Accesories so I have to put cologne on so I don't smell like cigarette smoke when I go to school because I don't want to get made fun of for smelling like cigarettes. I sit down at night and pray for this madness to end, I can't take it anymore. Please can some one that has the power make smoking illegal or at least smoking around children in homes  and vehicles. It's for the greater good.

  6. It should be illegal to smoke inside a house with children under the age of 18. Do you know how upsetting it is that I was raised in a household with a smoker and I couldn't do anything about it? Asking my mom to please not smoke around me, then being told off because I'm just a kid? My health has directly been affected due to my mother's choice, and I couldn't do a damn thing about it.

  7. Well i was exposed to smoke and was really envious of kids whose parent went out to smoke instead of smoking around them. I still blame my parents cuz I couldn't get to my full height because of the smoke -_-

  8. I grew up in home with both parents smoking and i liked it, me and brother both started early and loved being whole family smoking. As a kid I could see that my parents enjoyed it and always knew would start smoking too.

  9. fun fact of the day, in the early 1990's the world health organization began a study spanning nearly a decade to study the effects second hand smoke has on spouses living with smokers. they found that the non smoking spouse was 17% more likely to develop lung cancer, scary right? The only problem is by their own standards this number is so tiny it can not be submitted as fact. In fact, when they went to a federal judge claiming second hand smoke is dangerous the judge threw them out of court for blatantly lying in court. To put it in perspective the World Health Organization also did a study on the effects of drinking milk and found that drinking milk increases the risk of lung cancer by 140%. Ever wonder where the GOT MILK slogans went?

  10. Thanks to my parents for chain smoking around me never even trying to just go outside , i am a survivor of lung cancer. i lived with my parents till 17 and when i turned 20 i was constantly feeling pains in my chest i had hard times breathing my lungs felt like they were on fire, in 2011 i was diagnosed with 1st degree lung cancer. i have never smoked but so many years being exposed to smoke i knew that i got lung cancer from that

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