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Dr. Oz Explains Gas – jj

Dr. Oz Explains Gas

Why do we pass gas? Why does it smell? Dr. Oz answers all of your burning questions about flatulence. Subscribe to Dr. Oz’s official YouTube channel: …


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  1. Wft,Americans dont have any problem talking about farts. In Romania its a taboo topic. We avoid fartings next to other people but you dont seem to have a problem with that. This is a stincky situation. ? I like to fart especially in the water. I could say i breathe under water. ?

  2. Hey doc, I hope you'll be doin' great. Alright

    I’m 27 yrs. old , from Pakistan & from November 2015 I’m feeling bloating after everything I eat , even drinking water , even I can't drink , instead I drink sip by sip , for whole day , I’ve a medical checkup and stool + blood tests in local CMH and they said according to you tests reports you’re absolutely fine , (I was almost 80 kg in November 2015 but now I’m just 65 kg , because of loosing of my appetite) and they suggest me to take 550mg antibiotic for 30 days along with esomeprazole , and I just don't wanna take any harmful medicines, kindly help me out and get me out of it.


    Kindly reply

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