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Harlequin: This Matter of Marriage (1998) – jj

Harlequin: This Matter of Marriage (1998)

Starring: Leslie Hope, Rick Peters, Sherry Miller, Michael Nouri In this romance, a lonely lady architect discovers that if only she would pay attention, true love is …


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  1. In Korea we have a lot of "Gold Misses" who can hardly find right husbands due to their luxurious life. They are too good to be courted by men. Korean economic miracle has produced these women who can make lots of money quickly. In this movie these two women are high class professionals who find it hard to find good husbands. One thing I can never understand here is that water problem happens so often in a affluent American neighborhood. It seems so surreal.

  2. Tekl the next door man, true love will never come with sooooo much drama. there is no need for it when it is sooooooooooooooooo true. you don't need so much of behund the scene and interference of sooooooo many people to make it happen. To me, all these look like Visu Tamil movie. All oeople will plan a plot to make a marriage happen. soooooo childish. it won't work with a woman like me. she won't have respect and trust for such guy.

  3. let's not talk about it anymore. i have lost faith in it. it must happen when i was mentally ready for it. now, it would be like just an escapism from this house. i will never commit unless i really really really like the person. after so much of drama, i don't tgink i will someone like that anymore. just leave it. close chapter.

  4. Not much there again…are were saying you want to be 16 are the age of 50s and hope that the whole things be 16. It won't be long you find out you loss everything all important in your life. And all you have are the rubbish you filled up later in your life.

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