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Hey Porsche, watch this video. Love, Electricity – jj

Hey Porsche, watch this video. Love, Electricity

Hey, friends of Porsche. I took over the Porsche YouTube channel and created this video for you. This is what I really want to get off my chest. Feel free to share …


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  1. If Only London was this electric:
    Such a boring moaning City full of oranged wannabe retards in a socially engineered imbalanced suburban Prejudices and Peedos:
    Our House of Commons is the Peedo Parliamentarian Haven.
    Our National TV station namely the BBC has had more covering up of scandals than Uncle Sams shananigans:
    Our legal structure is only for those who can afford it and the health service is pending further penetration from the Peedos whom are elected by deluded armchair insignificant riff raff:
    The Olympics regeneration was overly cocked up as was HS1 and Cross Rail now pending HS2 and Heathrow Runway.
    Maybe we should've elected Ant and Dic to literally continue the status quo of REALTIME DISTURBING HILARITY:
    We are the World Heavyweight Champions of over promising and under delivery:
    Kind Regards… A sane Londoner

  2. Lets not go the e car route. Be diffrent and keep the high reving glorious sounding combustion engines. Your true fans will appreciate it more or at least keep them around as an option. Once we all go EV they will all be fast and all sound the same. You might aswell buy a bmw/audi/merc equivilent as they will be cheaper and more mainstream and pretty much be the same as the next ev. The reason people buy super cats and sports cars are for the engines, the noise and the bragging rights. You already know this.

  3. To all the very young people watching this video and thinking/commenting that this is the worst video ever – are you even mature enough to buy a car? I don't think so! In advertisement, it's always nice to try something new. This is only a teaser which teases a new era of porsche – the electricity era. Try not to decline anything which is NEW and not how you expected it to be!

  4. Hey Porsche, this is what i really want to get off my chest.

    If you want to advertise for the Taycan go for it, not this shit.
    Know your place.

  5. Hey Porsche. I am a big fan of the company and cars and I actually loved the design of the Mission E concept. But… after I saw the rear of Taycan at Goodwood, I was a little disappointed… I cheer on the company's new challenge, but in my oppinion, it lookes really weird..

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