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How is a work disability claimed? – jj

How is a work disability claimed?

How is a work disability claimed?

In this video, lawyer in Granada lawyer Ramón Escribano Garés, expert in claiming disability pensions to Social Security explains the most common procedures that must be done to apply for the payment of a disability pension.

The essential steps to request a work disability would be the following:

1.- First, the worker must be in a situation of discharge or assimilated to the discharge.

The most common is that the worker, before applying for a disability pension, is in temporary disability situation, that is, what is commonly known as "sick leave".

2.- If during the temporary disability situation, either the mutual accident or the medical services of the Social Security consider that the worker is not going to improve anymore and that he can not do his job, in that case they will issue a part of discharge with disability proposal. That is to say, it will be these organisms that will propose us to obtain a disability pension.

However, if these agencies do not take the step the worker himself, at the request of a party, may begin this process of recognition of incapacity for work.

3.- Once proposed by the mutual or Social Security or even by the worker himself, this will be recognized by the disability assessment team, who will determine if the worker is suitable or not to continue working and if so what kind of Disability pension could correspond (partial or total).

4.- This resolution of the disability team of the National Institute of Social Security is susceptible first of a prior claim and subsequently of a claim before the Social Court.

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