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How To Make Home Made Gobar gas plant By Rajiv Dixit"sDisciple. – jj

How To Make Home Made Gobar gas plant By Rajiv Dixit"sDisciple.

Must Watch To Know.How To Make Home Made Gobar gas plant ? And How common indian villagers are very sensible. …………………………………….must must …


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  2. I have one heifer (age 3+ years, breed-Sahiwal semen in desi bihar cow), now not economical for me, but have hope for futures. Here no support from Government. Wanted to buy a portable bio gas plant, cost on amazon was near Rs.10,000. Have plans to buy, when goddess Lakshmi and Kuber becomes happy on me. Wanted to sell some property, but now there is halt due to displeasure of some people. Waiting for better time.

  3. पूरी डिटेल नही है भाई ड्रम का दिखाओ पुरा ।

  4. মানূষের। হাতের কাছে একটি সাধারণ বছর পর তিনি

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  6. Ohhh super I will support you brother, because this is my Idea,
    But you are making this is very successful, I like it's,
    India full do want this is all people this is use do want, this is my thoughts
    Vazhga valamudan you
    We are meet is very useful is my thinking my brilliant brother, over This is making want ,
    Always natural our culture is very best

  7. राजीव भाई दीक्षित जी के लिए भारत रत्न मिलना चाहिए सारे लोग यह मुहिम चलाओ वंदे मातरम।

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