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How to Score – Using the CLBL Scorebook – jj

How to Score – Using the CLBL Scorebook

An instructional video on how to use the Scorebook for CLBL Recreation League games


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  1. Good information
    One of the things I do is keep track of the possession. Let's say the home team is in White and the guest team is in Red. The guest team wins the tip. I will write at the very top of the page on our side something like this.
    RW RW RW RW RW. Then I will cross out the winner of the tip, that being the (R) for the guest. A key to remember for parents being thrown into this is, let's say there is a jump ball shortly after the tip and then you would cross out the (W) for the home team. This is important because at the beginning of the next period, the official will ask whose ball is it. In this case it would be red ball to start the 2nd period. At the halftime I'll circle the R or W for whose possession it is coming out.
    It's just a small tip a ref shared with me the first time I was thrown into this and I was lost. That tip helped me out and I still use it 3 years later.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, I was trying to teach my daughter how to do the book and this was helpful. One thing I like to do is when documenting fouls, I put a slash next to the player's name, but in the team fouls part I write the player's number in the box. So in your example blue 33 had the first team foul. I put a slash next to #33's name and I also put a 33 in the box for the first team foul. Thanks again.

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