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How to Stake a Tree Like a Moon Valley Nursery Pro – jj

How to Stake a Tree Like a Moon Valley Nursery Pro

Moon Valley Nurseries shows you how to stake a tree.
Step 1 – Get a stake driver. This will help to get the stake through the ground quickly and easily.
Step 2 – Push the stake into the soil until it is sticking out of the ground at your preferred height (a few feet shorter than the tree.)
Step 3 – adding green wire through the hose. The hose will sit against the tree. Tie the wires around the stakes. Tight enough to secure the tree but not too tight so that the tree cant move a bit in the wind.
Step 4 – Remove excess wire.
Step 5 – Repeat on additional stakes.
And now you know how to stake a tree like a pro!

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  1. being an old dairy farmer that drove in probably a couple thousand fence post in my day, I used a crow bar and made a hole for the post first then stuck the post in and whacked it down a couple times, good for twenty yrs,.

  2. Nice video. I liked the technique on how to tighten the wire. Would not have thought of that one on my own. By the way.. what's the best way to orient the poles here in the desert southwest? North and South of the tree? East/West?….

    Thanks again for the great video.

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