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I Hate You I Love You – lyrics – jj

I Hate You I Love You – lyrics

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  1. so theres this guy I've been a sucker for since 4th grade.
    hes a complete weirdo, hella funny, and imperfect. I always loved him for that.
    This has always been my song for him. Because something always seems to mess up and it's never me he falls for.
    but then there was the end of last year when he went out with me. the day he asked me out i felt real happiness for the first time in years. It was strange to me feeling that.
    i felt fake in that relationship though. I was shy, I didn't really have alot to say, and i felt as though i wasn't my real self, even though thats how i am with every new person i meet.
    But I've known this guy for years.
    he means the world to me even now.
    I'm pretty sure he cheated on me.
    i really don't care. The girl hes with is a great person. I'm just glad hes happy, i guess thats the main thing i care about.
    She didn't know i was going out with him, so i would never hold that against her.
    But to this day this song still describes the feelings i have for him.

  2. Let’s get this straight I am a girl who is bisexual I am currently dating this girl. Please don’t hate me because of who I am, I am not asking for likes here but when I was younger I had a very weird relationship because I was bisexual and I was a lesbian and I stopped being a lesbian because how everyone treated me and hated seeing me as a lesbian. So I am here today to tell you all that whoever you are gay, bisexual, transgender or straight don’t let anyone bully you or don’t let them be horrible to you for being who you are. Everyone is different and my girlfriend showed me this when she showed me this video I can’t thank her enough for all the support she has given me ❤️?️‍?

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