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Life Insurance's Dirty Secret – jj

Life Insurance's Dirty Secret

Katie Couric exposes the “dirty little secret” of life insurance providers Prudential and MetLife who profited from the death benefits of fallen soldiers.


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  1. The Life Insurance industry has one goal: Keep the consumer stupid and uneducated! And this article is correct…the life insurance industry and its unscrupulous agents are out for #1, they could care less about the consumer. The worst abuse is in the military market…"a retired military person goes into the home of a "non-com", gains instant rapport with their "military status"…then screws them out of their money!"

  2. You may actually want to investigate UniCARE and I'll explain why. My dad later develop Alzheimer's in his old age worked his whole life for Ford and it wasn't until after his death that I found out he had this life insurance policy. Little did I know, UniCARE allowed a fraudulent beneficiary switch from next of kin to herself as a POA. In Ohio, POA is not allowed to use their powers to benefit themselves but this is what happened and UniCARE allowed it only to give the rightful beneficiaries money to the thief. This resulted in a lawsuit against the thief and the accomplice, UniCARE. They knew better than to allow a fraudulent transfer and the beneficiary tried to sound the alarm that something didn't sound right about the sudden beneficiary switch three weeks before the senior died in a nursing home. The rightful beneficiary wasn't even alerted to the death until after the senior was buried and everything was gone, which I know sounds very suspicious because someone most likely rushed the senior's death. At least this is what it looks like and it's pointing in that direction. What else would you be thinking in this kind of situation if no one alerted you to the death, lied about family having a private service but the family of it. You then find out everything has been stolen and it results in a lawsuit

    What's bad about some insurance companies is that you buy into the policy but when it's time to pay out they get cold feet and won't pay. If they do, they pay the wrong person then become non-compliant and not take responsibility for their mistake, which makes you wonder why they're even in business. You also wonder if it was really a mistake at all or a malicious choice they made. If they did it once, chances are very likely they probably did it before to others when they most need of their money back, which is why you should contact your state department of insurance

  3. Prime America is also on the list for not paying people MetLife and a couple others do your research people it's sad that these insurance company is doing this to people. So much corruption out here always protect yourself make sure your family all knows who the beneficiary is theirs copies for everybody as soon as they get their policy together that way they cannot keep money in their pocket

  4. Another reason why WHO you have your life insurance with matters. If you want to align yourself with the strongest company with the highest ratings for financial strength, look no further than "The Company You Keep", The New York Life.

  5. These funds, along with the 5% interest earned by Prudential plus any and all other companies/insurers have earned should be turned of to the appropriate family member, and that transfer should be done immediately.

  6. That's right. But it isn't a secret and we know they're low down and dirty…and we aren't proud of this. It isn't just fallen heroes. It's everybody…me too…….They have my money too !! What does the Govt have to say on this topic? A 70,000 insurance policy will pay out 7000 at the time of death….A pine casket and no dignity hear we come… We spend Taxpayer dollars on space programs as if it is a childs game and here we are with financial problems on the ground. No common sense here.

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