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Marriage for the Glory of God | Paul Washer, John Piper, & Voddie Baucham – jj

Marriage for the Glory of God | Paul Washer, John Piper, & Voddie Baucham

“The most foundational thing to see from the Bible about marriage is that it is God’s doing. And the most ultimate thing to see from the Bible about marriage is that …


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  1. Wow, this is very rich. I am not married, but this gave me a greater spiritual understanding of marriage. It is just such a Godly message. I have so much yet to learn in this area, wether I stay single or get married. I love Jesus Christ's ways. A buffet of spiritual food that I just want to taste every single morsel the Lord gives out of his mouth and then gives life in me and to others.

  2. @identity313 what are the names of the full length sermons you took these clips from? I would love to hear the rest of them! And thanks for making this video, it is such a good, helpful, beautiful reminder for me 5 years into marriage.

  3. I'd like to ask prayer for my marriage..my husband and I are going through a difficult time..and are separated..our son passed away..and I'm pregnant again..thanks to God's amazing grace..there was an emptiness God is filling in my heart..I wish my husband would see that God is strengthening us for a bigger plan..and together we can meet with our son in Heaven..and teach this little one that's on it's way..the love of God..

  4. In Matthew 5:33-37, Jesus commands us to not swear at all. What is the defenition of the word "vow". Means to swear, pledge, make an oath. In Romans 13:1-7 Paul commands that we follow the laws of the land. Well, have you looked at the laws of other lands besides the USA? In India they require the women to marry the "goddess" then shortly afterward are sold into sexual slavery. Is that biblical? I don't think so.

  5. God has been teaching me this over the past couple of months. He has restored my love for my husband, who just could not see how it was possible. When I told him that it was only through Christ that I could love him again, he just didn't get it. This explains it so much better than I ever could. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Abuse; divorce is allowed because of the hardness of our sinful hearts, not because God approves of it. He understands our sinfulness, but He doesn't say it's ok or Jesus wouldn't need to die. And worst case scenarios are normally asked because we want a reason to say divorce is good. No one should stay with a molester, but was that molester truly a believer; this is the reason Christians should not be unequally yoked or choosing mates based on worldly standards. Need more room to go on.

  7. Wow at first i wasnt even gonna watch this video but im glad i did becuz some day i wanna be married and this is something i def will need.. I know marriages arent fairy tales always but i want to know that God will help us both in the good times and bad! AWESOME

  8. @identity313 "God creates the man for the woman "

    You got that backwards, friend and the difference is very substantial. Marriage is a antitype of Christ and the Church. Exchanging the positions is equivalent to saying Christ is made for the Church.

    Every antitype God made was made specifically and with purpose and reason and is a picture of the type. All sin is a corruption of that purpose and pattern and the proper roles of the antitypes are the confirmation of truth..

  9. @DamonG6274. If you don't believe it, then don't vow it. Say, I promise to be yours, until you make me angry, or until I find someone more attractive or more interesting. I promise to be yours until you disagree with me. Or have your spouse promise to be yours until someone or something better comes along. Something in you knows its wrong. Everything in you wants a mate till death. 1 mate, not 2, not 3 not 20. 1 mate. You have to be brainwashed NOT to believe that.

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