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Online Dating to Married – jj

Online Dating to Married

Please watch: “Stereotypes of African Men” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_BBjyw19Nc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- LaTonya shares her story of wedded bliss with …


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  1. I am on a website and i get alot of replies from international men .i have been burned once. Not all of them are bad i like african men but have not found the right one. I ran across your video . Which is inspiring and encouraging

  2. Thank you for your insight.
    I am a white American man who has recently met a lovely Ghanaian woman online. I am quite interested in pursuing a relationship with her and I will gladly accept any insight that comes my way.
    Eventually we may have a need to look into visa, travel, immigration, and citizenship issues in the USA.

  3. Thank you my sister for your inspiring video.
    I met my Ghanaian man on afrointroductions over two YRS ago. I was searching for penpals, he a serious relationship. He saw my profile and the chemistry began. We have so much in common vowel travelled the world do, and have lived in caribbean 3 yrs and India one yr. I cook African foods very well I wear the traditional clothing I love and understand their culture.
    After 5 mos he asked me to marry him he went to his parents confessed his love for me and his attention to marry me after some questions an conversation they gave us their blessings. I'm much mature than he in, age but as he says I'm safe with him he loves my intelligence, humbleness, caring, honest, SPIRITUALITY calm, strong personality. He was issued a multiple visa he will come to me next month. We plan to marry in June and in a few months we will travel to GHANA for the traditional ceremony with family. He is divorced father of 3..The children are in agreement and happy.
    My King is a true gem with strong family values, loving caring good work ethics put God first in everything. I sometimes find it hard to believe..He is HEAVEN sent and I can and will be the humble submissve wife because I trust him
    Thank you again JEHOVAH IS GOOD ALL THE time..

  4. I'm on my way to Lagos Nigeria in a month or so… It's been over a year for me and my babe.. what I can say is this… Do not treat them like their 419's.. I did in the beginning.. I was totally guarded up… Sometimes I think back and I truly feel bad by I treated him in the beginning… Thinking his sisters could be his wives…. Baby Mama's etc… Until one day he just told me… That he can't do this anymore… He was so kind.. pleasant and very patient… At that point I realized that I was dead wrong…. I then re introduced myself.. I opened up… Because he had been attempting to tear down those walls… I decided to give him and our relationship the chance it deserves… And now I'm so blessed to have met him.. so blessed that we are together… I DON'T CARE WHAT THE WORLD HAS TO SAY… Bad things happen locally… Men locally can use and mistreat women… Fraud is everywhere… He has weathered my storms… Don't listen to everyone that has had a bad experience… Listen to the Most High… He is the one that matches souls…. He matched mines with his… I'm not saying everything is perfect… But you will know if it's right

  5. I appreciated hearing from you and for the most part agree with everything that you spoke on. Here in this profile picture is me and my guy Seth who is also from Ghana. I love this man and his feelings are DITTO!! Congratulations and Blessings to you both!!

  6. God bless you congrats ..I met a Nigerian man but to young 28 I am 53 but he ask me to marry him I met his mother .but I am so sad cause u ask God for a husband but not so young .can you please give a advise sister.i love his mom and his family ..I talk to them chat vidio.

  7. Lol!!!!!!! I love how when you were talking about the food, u are like "oh my favourite dish is banku" and then ur like oh YEA and the plantains really good OH AND ALSO THE MANGOES R AMAZING and DONT FORGET THE MANGOES!! Hahaha 🙂 clearly the food must b really good !! u seem like a great lady. best of luck to u all 🙂

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